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  • "Hartzog's music practically knocked me out of my chair. It's hungry, relentless musical energy. He's taken a wide range of influences from funk to classic rock to folk & brought them together for one big jam."

  • "World class style..."
    -Charlotte's Best

  • "The inventor of funk and roll. Combining indie-folk, rock, and the throbbing textures of Prince and P-Funk, Hartzog creates a blend that is unlike any other."
    -Southeast Performer

  • "Imagine for a moment that Prince was born a white guy with a twangy accent...If you're dead tired of the rock on the radio, and bored by the rounded soft corners on modern funk, Brian Hartzog may be the shot in the arm you've been looking for."

  • One-Way Ticket is the culmination of years of writing and hard work in the studio, and features my finest songs to date. This particular track is called "Motha Funky"--and I'm sharing it exclusively with those who sign up.

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